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Posted By :    Hazel Roehrig
Posted :    2/24/2016
Comments :    We have been bringing our cats here for over 20 years. Best vet in SLC, best price, & best care. They even sent us a condolence card when our cat died. Amazing staff & Dr. Gold is wonderful!
Posted By :    Tom & Pat  ( 
Posted :    2/10/2015
Comments :    We have used Dr. Gold and Forest Hills for MANY, MN years and they are the best we have ever seen!!Their prices are very reasonable and Dr. Gold's compassionate and caring manner puts us at ease. We hate to board our dog but when we do, he is always happy (AND HEALTHY) when he comes home! I recommend him to everyone I know!!
Posted By :    Lane
Posted :    11/26/2014
Comments :    Dr. Gold and his staff are great! They have cared for all three of our dogs. We recommend them to friends whenever asked. We love the ability to have the same people who care for our dog also provide boarding. I am personally grateful for the open and honest discussions I can have with Dr. Gold about my dogs care.
Posted By :    Rod  ( 
Posted :    6/16/2012
Comments :    I was referred by a friend to Dr. Gold. My 13 y.o. german shorthair pointer was diagnosed with cancer, inoperable. Dr. Gold provided terrfic hospice care and gave me two more months with my best friend. His compassion for our situation was tremendously appreciated. Along with his friendly and personable demeanor he runs his office as a family practice and not a corporate clinic. I would liken it to your friendly neighborhood fly fishing shop. It's a place where you and your best friend can be comfortable and know you are being taken care of. Thanks again Dr. Gold we appreciate every thing you did for us. Next time my other dog needs vet care he will come to see you.
Posted By :    ???  ( 
Posted :    6/8/2012
Comments :    I Love Forest HIlls Petcare. Dr Gold is amazing and the girls who work there seem to really care for the animals and welcome them with open arms.
Posted By :    Anne
Posted :    12/21/2010
Comments :    I happened to find Forest Hills Pet care when I first came out here in 1996. It was an emergency situation in which my cats needed care. Dr. Gold and his staff are angels! They are some of the most compassionate people you will ever run into. I used to live close to them but now live in West Valley. I still take my animals to them. I have utilized many of their services - vaccines, boarding, grooming, surgery, and euthanasia. I highly recommend Forest Hills Pet Care - Dr. Gold. Thank you Forest Hills Pet Care!!!
Posted By :    BreAnn
Posted :    9/20/2010
Comments :    This is the second time now that I have taken my boxer to Forest Hills to be watched for a week and am always thrilled to see that Milo comes home happy. You can really tell that he enjoys going there and that they take very good care of him. Thanks!
Posted By :    James Taylor
Posted :    9/7/2009
Comments :    We truly appreciate Forest Hills. Our dog Emerson is always treated well while boarding and his regular check ups. The staff has always been helpful and friendly. We appreciate all they do for Emerson, and all they have done for our other dogs. Thanks to a wonderful business and great people.
Posted By :    Tanya  ( 
Posted :    8/23/2009
Comments :    I have been searching for a new vet that would give personal attention to my and my dog, Jasper. Our former vet's office was turning into a very corporate environment, and along with that came long waits, high cost and little customer service. Our first visit with Dr. Gold was last week. Wow! I was so impressed with the whole experience, we won't be going anywhere else.
Posted By :    The Hormans  ( 
Posted :    7/30/2009
Comments :    I love Forest Hills. Dr. Gold is good with my two dogs and I have never had a problem, ever. My mom recommended him to me a couple years ago and I am glad she did. Also when they get boarded, I know they are well taken care of. Love ya guys at Forest Hills!!!!! Thanks for what you do!
Posted By :    Jenn
Posted :    7/10/2009
Comments :    Dr. Gold has been our vet for 16 years, through (so far) three cats and six dogs. He is passionate and understanding and has an unexpected wit and dry sense of humor. Our animals love and trust him and he and his staff has seen us through some very difficult times and heartbreaking decisions with compassion.
Posted By :    Melanie & Matt Klein
Posted :    3/3/2009
Comments :    Dr. Gold and his staff have always been amazing with our family. We've been taking our pets there for over 15 years and have always been so happy and well cared for. We had 2 dogs who required special care and treatment for their congestive heart failure and diabetes after their diagnoses for over 2 years. Any time we stopped by for medication or food the staff would greet us personally and have all our stuff ready. My mom has a diabetic cat who goes to Forest Hills for boarding when they go out of town. She refers to Forest Hills as "the spa." Charlie loves it there! And we LOVE that Forest Hills doesn't overcharge for their services like many other Vets in the valley do.
Posted By :    Danielle
Posted :    2/19/2009
Comments :    Forest Hills loves all of our dogs and calls out there names when we bring them in. Our dogs love it there and we never feel bad about leaving them to board.
Posted By :    stacy
Posted :    2/17/2009
Comments :    The Vet at Forest Hills is great. You can tell he really cares about the animals. They are also so helpful with whatever prescriptions we need. The grooming has also been great for our long haired cat.
Posted By :    Mrs. M
Posted :    11/23/2008
Comments :    I love Forest Hills! The roomie facility makes for an excellent place to board my pets. The groomer there is also amazing! 100% satisfied with everything she has done. Very professional and knowledgable. I highly recommend her!
Posted By :    Mrs. A
Posted :    9/4/2008
Comments :    Forest Hills Pet care has offered myself and my family with all of our animal needs. From new puppy exams to having to put of beloved pets to sleep, they have always been nice and friendly. We recommend them whole heartedly.
Posted By :    Mrs. K
Posted :    5/6/2008
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